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Kadila (Earrings)


This delicate hand crafted gold ear ornament was worn by the muslim women in North kerala. Kombanjali (Komban -horn and jhali-hanging )was worn on the earlobe together with other ear ornaments and usually sits oblique , so that the pendants hang downwards.The basic form of a longish cone with its intricate elements and wafer thin pendants require several days of painstaking craftsmanship. It used to be so laborious (when fully handworked) that the goldsmiths of the yesteryears got an order for a new pair only twice a year. This elegant pair has been fitted with bombay screws with minimum alteration to the original so that these unique pieces can be worn regularly .


Region : Kerala
Measurements :
Length  3.5 cm
Width    1.1 cm
Weight : 9.3 g

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Our jewellery is unique, delicate and exclusive. Each piece has been collected from across the country, through the years, with utmost care and dedication to quality. Due to its singular nature we are unable to allow exchanges or returns.

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