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Goddess Durga Plaque Amulet


Five sided, temple shaped, silver, die-stamped amulet depicting Goddess Durga as Katyayni Devi or the warrior goddess. She can be seen riding a lion and carrying a lotus stem and sword in her right hands. Goddess Katyayni is commonly worshipped to ensure harmony and peace in married life as well as to eradicate the negative effects of planets in one’s horoscope.


Region : Rajasthan, Gujarat
Period  : ca. 20th century
Measurements : 71 x 50 mm
Weight : 13.3 g  

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Our jewellery is unique, delicate and exclusive. Each piece has been collected from across the country, through the years, with utmost care and dedication to quality. Due to its singular nature we are unable to allow exchanges or returns.

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